Build a more engaged member community

The only platform that allows church leaders to reach members via their preferred methods: chat, email, text, and automated phone calls.



Groups Help Leaders Stay Organized

Groups are the core of MyChat. Make groups for projects, topics, small groups, and even your internal teams.


Public/Private Groups

Members can easily discover new groups and initiatives to join. MyChat makes it easy to restrict who can view and send messages in groups.

Direct Messaging

Keep all communication on MyChat to prevent members and church leaders from having to give away their private contact information.

No Training or Administration “We’ll handle the setup!”

MyChat automatically syncs with your member database. Easy to onboard small group and ministry leaders.


Reach Members via Chat, Email, Text (SMS), and Phone

Let members choose how they want to be reached: chat, email, text (SMS), and/or automated phone calls.

Send Important Notifications

Church leaders can quickly send important announcements, reminders, weather closing, and safety alerts to the entire congregation.

Works on All Devices

We’ve made MyChat iOS, Android, and PC/Mac compatible.

Safe Environment Compliant

All messages are logged in a searchable and secure archive that is accessible only by designated church leaders.

MyChat is a group management platform designed with you, a busy ministry leader, in mind.

How we Compare

  • Easily reach older members via automated phone calls
  • Increase participation in small groups and ministries
  • Empower ministry leaders
  • Reach volunteers at a moment’s notice
  • Help coordinate scheduling and subbing
  • Reach more of your members in between Sundays

Use Groups for Everything


Give church leaders and members dedicated spaces to discuss everything related to your church:

Community Initiatives

Help leaders coordinate with volunteers and plan important community outreach events. MyChat makes it easy to let members know how that can help!

Small Groups / Ministries

Help leaders coordinate meetings, practices, and events. Members can easily find groups to join and stay connected with their existing groups.


MyChat can also be used as an internal tool in your organization. Improve the productivity of your church’s leadership team.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build stronger church communities.

For a church to thrive, members must be engaged and participate more than just showing up on Sundays.

Members want to get more involved but often don’t know where to start. MyChat helps members discover new groups and initiatives to join and improves the communication of existing groups.

We believe that better communication leads to more engaged members and a stronger church community.



Let us show you how MyChat helps members and church leaders communicate, plan, and study together.